GEC Meeting Minutes – 18th June 2019

Meeting on Tuesday 18th June 2019

Present: Father Paul, Father Michal, Father Steven, Deacon Mark, Sister de Lourdes, Owen Lee, David Merrien.

  1. The meeting opened with a prayer led by Pat Devenport.
  2. Apologies for absence – Canon Michael, Paul Burnard, Paula Brierley, Paul Robilliard.
  3. The Minutes of the May meeting were approved.

Matters arising

*The zuchetta belonging to Pope John Paul 11 is now on display in Notre Dame Church.

* Enquiries will be made regarding the possible participation of the Catholic Church in the Northern Churches Party on the Park.

*Preparations for Canon Michael’s farewell mass are progressing well.

Correspondence and Communication

*Possible changes to the present Abortion Law will be closely monitored by the Catholic Church.

*Caritas Community Cafe request prayers for its continued success and service to the community.

*Following a recent accident at St Joseph’s health and safety will be reviewed.


* Following questions from Fr. Steven, a lengthy discussion ensued about the role of Catholic Schools and the commitment parents of pupils in these schools should be prepared to make to ensure their children are brought up in the faith.

* The date of the July meeting has yet to be decided. Prayers will be led by Sister de Lourdes.

*The meeting closed at 7.15pm with a prayer led by Pat Devenport.



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