UCM have been looking at “ LAUDATO SI” ‘Pope Francis’ encyclical on the environment. In it he states that the two greatest aims of his papacy are solidarity with those living in poverty and the protection of the planet which he calls Our Common Home. He urges us to do likewise. We live in a beautiful island but how we live affects a wider world. We had a lively discussion on how we damage the planet and what we can do even in small ways to protect it and have made a list of things we can try to commit to this LENT. We thought that parishioners might like to join us in committing to one or all of the following:-

  1. Cutting down as much as possible on plastic, especially one use plastic
  2. Along with our obligation as Catholics to abstain from meat on Fridays – perhaps we could extend it to more than one day.
  3. Contributing to the Food Banks at the back of St. Joseph’s, Our Lady Star of the Sea and Notre Dame du Rosaire.
  4. Supporting Fair-trade
  5. Walking, cycling, using the bus more and the car less.
  6. Being responsible consumers asking ourselves “ Do I need it or just WANT it? Campaigning for fair working conditions for those producing“ “cheap as chips clothes”
  7. Buying local where possible.
  8. Taking a bag when out walking to collect litter.
  9. Acting local, thinking global.


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