Charity Work

Nigel & Geraldine Higgs  leave on Tuesday for just over 5 weeks volunteering in the Parish of Sitima near Zomba in Malawi. Recruited by an Irish charity based in Dublin called Voluntary Missionary Movement (VMM). While in Malawi they will be working with another charity called Network for a better world ( N4BW)

Fr Owen O’Donnell has been in Malawi for 34 years, 11 of them serving in Sitima Parish. He has raised the funds to build 2 schools in the parish and is now focusing on building a clinic too, so improving the lives of the people of this area. Ninety percent of the population survive on subsistence farming. Nigel will be working on the growing side of things, and Geraldine will be teaching in the secondary school.

We wish them both well and a safe journey.


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