GEC Meeting Minutes – 25th September 2018

Minutes of meeting held on Tuesday 25th September 2018

*Opening prayer – Owen Lee

*Apologies for absence – Paula Brierley, Pat Devenport, Lucy Despres, Paul Robilliard

At the outset of meeting Mr Aindre Reece-Sheerin gave an overview to the Council on the proposed Discrimination legislation project he has been involved in and the impact it will have on us. He outlined the expectation that there will be for the church to provide easier access for all, covering areas such as improved sound system for hard of hearing and also improved communication to those who are visually impaired. A good discussion took place around possible options and also the opportunities that exist to make our 3 churches more accessible to all.

*Minutes of the last meeting on Tuesday 10th July 2018 were approved.

Matters arising

*Youth report update from Paul Burnard – Confirmation programme being planned by Tom Saddington and Tich Harvey, this will start in Jan 2019 and will run for 13 sessions to confirmation date which will be in either May or June 2019. Canon Michael to meet with Tom to review content of programme.

Youth café and Youth Club at Star of the Sea, Delancey continues to be well supported.

Tom is also making great progress across all of the Catholic schools.

*Future funding of Youth Officer. The current funding expires in 03/2019

*Catholic Church in St Peter Port during Christmas late night opening.

This year it is proposed to have choirs only with representation from Notre Dame School, Blanchelande and Parish Schola. Fr Paul to speak with Luke O’Donnell with a view to Luke co-ordinating the event. Paul Burnard to contact town constable Dennis Le Moignan to agree our attendance and location on the High Street.

Correspondence and Communication

No correspondence apart from Youth Report circulated prior to meeting


Next meeting Tuesday 06.11.2018 at 6pm – Owen Lee to do prayers

Closing prayer- Owen Lee


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