GEC Meeting Minutes – 10th July 2018

Meeting on Tuesday 10th July 2018

 Present: Canon Michael, Father Paul, Deacon Mark, Pat Devenport.

 1.The meeting opened with a prayer led by Pat Devenport.

2.Apologies for absence – Father Michal, Paula Brierley, Sister de Lourdes, Owen Lee, Paul Robilliard, Lucy Despres.

3. The Minutes of the April meeting were approved.

 Matters arising

a) Street Pastors.

This is a group of people from several churches across the island who are present in St Peter Port between 11pm and 3am on Friday/Saturday nights, offering pastoral care to anyone in need.

We do not at present have a member of the Catholic Church in the team.

We shall be making a donation to the group for the purchase of bottled water, flip flops, first aid kits etc to facilitate the continuation of their good work.

(Anyone who feels they would like to join the group, please contact the secretary PEC)

 Correspondence and Communication

  • Paul Burnard circulated a Youth Update. Due to his being unable to attend the meeting , it was decided to discuss certain items in the report at the September meeting.
  • Correspondence was received by PEC and the clergy both for and against the new hymn books at St. Joseph’s. They have been purchased, through a specific donation, with the knowledge of Canon Michael.
  • It is hoped, in the near future, to purchase mobile screens on which to project hymns/prayers etc that may not be printed in the new or the old hymn books.
  • The offer to fund such a system for the church was made earlier in the year. Various options are being explored.

 AOB – None

 The date of the next meeting will be arranged nearer to September.

Prayers will be led by Paula Brierley.

The meeting closed at 7.00pm.

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