Annual Mission Appeal Weekend – 21st / 22nd July

Annual Mission Appeal

Weekend of 21/22 July

Next weekend we welcome Brother John Deeney who will make the Annual Mission Appeal.

Here he introduces himself and talks about the Appeal:-

 I am a De La Salle Brother. (We used to be in Les Vauxbelets many years ago). I have been a teacher for most of my life. I now run our Lasallian Projects which support the development of Catholic education in various countries in the developing world. We sponsor the construction of simple school buildings in poorer places, mostly small towns and villages, and send a group of a dozen young people to work with the local community on the construction of school buildings during July and August each year. Each project produces a permanent resource for a school as well as a rich learning experience for the students from the UK.  This year there are 100 students involved in overseas projects. 


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