GEC Meeting Minutes – 03rd April 2018

Meeting on Tuesday 3rd April 2018

Present: Canon Michael, Deacon Mark, Paula Brierley, Sister de Lourdes, Lucy Despres, Owen Lee, Paul Burnard, Paul Robilliard, Pat Devenport.

  1. The meeting opened with Regina Caeli.
  2. Apologies for absence – Father Paul, Father Michal.
  3. The Minutes of the February meeting were approved.

Matters arising

a) Information on Street Pastors was distributed and a discussion followed on how the Catholic Church could support the organisation. More details will be obtained regarding funding/donations.

b) A lengthy discussion took place about Assisted Dying. Canon Michael read out a statement that has been compiled by The Council of Churches.

Parishioners are still being urged to write to their deputies to voice their opposition to Assisted Dying.

Correspondence and Communication

  • Paul Burnard circulated a Youth Update.
  • An email was received in appreciation of the newly formed choir and the atmosphere and choice of music at the 10.30 children’s mass.
  • PEC members expressed their appreciation of the Easter Services and recognised the commitment that is put in by EVERYBODY to support the clergy and make the celebrations enjoyable for everyone.



The date of the next meeting will be Tuesday 1st May 2018 at 6.00pm and prayers will be led by Deacon Mark.

The meeting close at 7.05pm with a prayer led by Lucy Despres.




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