GEC Meeting Minutes – 07th November 2017

Present: Father Paul, Father Michal, Deacon Mark, Sister de Lourdes, Lucy Despres, Owen Lee, Paul Burnard.

 1. The meeting opened with a prayer led by Sister de Lourdes.

2. Apologies for absence – Canon Michael, Paul Robilliard, Paula Brierley.

3. The Minutes of the October meeting were approved.

 Matters arising

a) The Youth Report was very positive and a Youth Strategy document has been written.

b) A monthly prayer group has been started for staff at Notre Dame School during their lunchtime.

c) The mass for the dead will be celebrated on Friday 24th November followed by refreshments. Welcomers will be present to make bereaved/non parishioners feel at ease.

d) Posters advertising Christmas mass times will be distributed to hotels/Care homes etc

e) The Catholic Church will have a presence in St Peter Port on Thursday 7th December during late night shopping. There will be religious items on sale, as well as cakes, the profits from which will be donated to the Caritas Cafe. Schola and Notre Dame School choir will also be present.

 Correspondence and Communication

There was correspondence on the following topics; Euthanasia.

Respectful silence before/during/after mass.

Street Pastor.

Translation of the Liturgy of the Mass into English.

 These items were discussed, but due to a heavy agenda it was decided to bring them back for further discussion.

 AOB – None

 The date of the next meeting will be Tuesday 5th December 2017 at 6.00pm and prayers will be led by Paul Robilliard.

 The meeting closed at 7.35pm

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