Royal Guernsey Light Infantry Centenary Commemoration – 4th June – Various Celebrations

Royal Guernsey Light Infantry Centenary Commemoration

Various celebrations are planned for Sunday 4th June, to commemorate the centenary of the departure for overseas service of the First (Service) Battalion of the Royal Guernsey Light Infantry on 1st June 1917.

The actual anniversary will be remembered in a low-key way on Thursday 1st June, with a peal of bells at the Town Church at 7.00 p.m. (the time of the soldiers’ departure). On Sunday 4th June, there will be a parade from Fort George to White Rock, where there will be a Drumhead Service at about 11.20am.

At 2.00pm there will be a service in the Town Church which will include the unveiling of a commemorative plaque. The service will be short and simple and one of our Catholic priests will be present.


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