New Stained Glass Window – St Joseph’s Church

New Stained Glass Window installed in St Joseph’s Church

The Malcic family has donated the stained glass window located over the sacristy door in St Joseph’s.  The antique window depicts the Madonna and Child. The window dates back to around 1900, when it was created to demonstrate the fine skills of the artists at Jacoby Art Glass Company in Saint Louis, Missouri, who had learned their craft in Germany before emigrating to America in the late 19th century. The window was displayed in the company’s office for many decades. When the company closed in 1970, Larry Malcic’s parents acquired the window and installed it in their home, where it remained for almost fifty years. The window is given to the parish in memory of Larry’s parents, Lawrence and Marie Malcic, who were regular visitors to St Joseph’s on their trips to Guernsey.


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