The Guild of St. Joseph – Thank You

The Guild of St. Joseph would like to express it’s sincere gratitude to parishioners and friends who have donated so generously to the fund over the years. Without the regular collections/donations, the Guild would be unable to help fellow parishioners/people in the community who for one reason or another are in need of financial support. Christmas tends to be the time of year when some people struggle financially with all the extras needed, or with heating bills, but the need for support can arise at any time in the year.

These are just a few examples of the support given; a new cooker, 4 footstools for patient comfort, financial assistance for a terminally ill mother of 2 very young children, heating for an elderly lady, suitable clothing to enable an ex-offender to attend a work interview, assistance to provide groceries for a mother and 3 children, assistance with furnishing a flat with items from charity shops for a man on invalidity benefit, a Christmas present for an elderly man in a care home who had no relatives, assistance for a seriously ill person to return to his own country on discharge from hospital, a donation to The Salvation Army to help with the provision of Christmas Day lunch to islanders of any or no faith.

The list of circumstances where assistance has been given is endless and diverse and many people who have fallen on hard times  have been helped not just financially, but they have been given hope at a time of despair due to your kindness and generosity.

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