Year of Mercy

Bishop Philip extends PLENARY INDULGENCE to Guernsey

Holy Hour and Rosary, at St Joseph’s Wednesday 9th November at 7.00pm

As we approach the end of the Year of Mercy, Bishop Philip has given his blessing for the Parish of Our Lady and the Saints of Guernsey to encourage as many people as possible, who have been unable to travel to one of the Holy Doors, to avail themselves of the jubilee indulgence through the public Recitation of the Rosary on Wednesday 9th November at 7.00pm. Confession will take place from 6.00pm in St Joseph’s. After the Recitation and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Holy Communion will be available.

At the beginning of the Jubilee Year, Pope Francis wrote:

“I am thinking of those for whom, for various reasons, it will be impossible to enter the Holy Door, particularly the sick and people who are elderly and alone, often confined to the home. For them it will be of great help to live their sickness and suffering as an experience of closeness to the Lord who in the mystery of his Passion, death and Resurrection indicates the royal road which gives meaning to pain and loneliness. Living with faith and joyful hope this moment of trial, receiving communion or attending Holy Mass and community prayer, even through the various means of communication, will be for them the means of obtaining the Jubilee Indulgence. My thoughts also turn to those incarcerated, whose freedom is limited.”

In conjunction with a public recitation of the Rosary the usual conditions for the reception of the Plenary Indulgence should be met, i.e. sacramental confession, reception of Holy Communion, recitation of the Creed, prayer for the intentions of the Holy Father and a lack of attachment even to venial sin.


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