Guernsey Evangelisation Council meets on 08th November 2016

The Guernsey Pastoral Council will be known in the future as ‘The Parish Evangelisation Council.’

A lengthy discussion was held on ways to encourage young people to participate in the life of the Church.

A request was made to look into the possibility of

  • Extra confessions when a visiting priest is in the parish.
  • Help from the diocese with funding for young people travelling off island to participate in mainland activities.
  • A list of people willing to assist/visit patients from Alderney and Sark requiring hospital treatment in Guernsey.

It is hoped that the Catholic Church will be represented at one of the late night openings in town in December.

The Minutes of the September meeting are now available on the noticeboards.

The date of the next meeting will be Tuesday 8th November at 6.00pm.

Items you may wished discussed should please be put in writing and sent to ‘The Secretary, PEC’ c/o Ampthill House.


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