Called & Gifted

What people are saying about Called & Gifted?

“The called and gifted process has been an unexpected joy. Everyone should take advantage of the opportunity to be a part of Called and Gifted.”

“The Called and Gifted process has been inspirational for me. It has made me really think about, and try to focus on, what I am being called to do in my life.”

“I’ve found the process really useful in that it has allowed me to focus my life and devotion in a key direction through exploring the Charisms and is beginning to help me answer those most burning of questions ‘How can I best serve God? – What is my purpose in life?’.”

Sign up forms still available in Church Porches and Parish Office

Any queries …?

Please contact: 

Deacon Mark – Tel: 07781 416176 / E-mail:

Lucy – Tel: 07781 132362

Ann – Tel: 726731  / E-mail:


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