GPC Meeting Minutes – 5th April 2016

Meeting on Tuesday 5th April 2016 at 6.00pm
Present: Canon Michael, Father Paul, Deacon Mark, Paula Brierley, Owen Lee, Paul Burnard, Pat Devenport.

1.The meeting opened with a prayer read by Paul Burnard.
2. Apologies for absence – None.
3. The Minutes of the last meeting were approved.
4. Matters arising
a) Called and Gifted weekend.
An information evening for all interested parishioners will take place on Monday 16th May at 7.15pm. At the end of the evening, those people willing to commit to the weekend of 24th/25th June will be able to register.
Prior to the meeting at 7.15pm, there will be a short meeting at 5.30pm for the GPC with advice on how to form an Evangelisation Strategy Team.
5. Correspondence and Communication.
A letter from Gerri Cale, about the success of the Confirmation programme, was read out by Father Paul.
6. AOB.
Pat Devenport circulated copies of the forthcoming training on Protection and Safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults which will be available to parishioners involved in parish ministry. This will take place on Saturday 14th May.
7. Youth News.
Paul Burnard gave an update of youth activities.
There will be no Youth Mass in April as this would clash with Spirit on The Rock. The next one will take place on Sunday 15th May.
It was suggested that maybe the Cygnet group could prepare prayers to be read at the mass, subject to the agreement of the clergy.
Father Paul suggested the Centre for Peace as an alternative venue for young people to meet and pray.
Deacon Mark suggested that a way forward would be to encourage young couples/families in the Parish to meet up, possibly with food available. He felt that these young families are the future of our parish.
All Saints Youth Club have 2 new team leaders – Caitlyn Sullivan and Merrick Symmons. It will be suggested to them that the Saturday session could begin and end with a prayer in order to reinforce the Catholic ethos.
World Youth Day has been planned and is going ahead. Tom Saddington would like some young people to speak about this forthcoming event at the weekend masses.
8. Deacon Mark proposed celebrating the Advent Mass on 27th November as a special island mass for candidates undergoing instruction in the Catholic faith. This was agreed and the parishioners of Our Lady Star of the Sea will be given advanced warning that there will be no 9.30am mass that weekend.
The date of the next meeting will be Tuesday 3rd May at 6.00pm and prayers will be led by Owen Lee.
The meeting closed at 6.40pm.