GPC Meeting Minutes – 19th January 2016

Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 19th January 2016 at 6.00pm.

Present: Canon Michael, Father Paul, Deacon Mark, Paula Brierley, Owen Lee and Pat Devenport.

1.The meeting opened with a prayer led by Pat Devenport.

2.Apologies for absence – Paul Burnard and Ryan Dekker.

3.The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

4.Matters arising/Action Plans;

The council were informed that Hannah would no longer be working for the diocese as she will be leaving in February to further her studies.

Deacon Mark informed those present that preparations were in hand for a “Called and Gifted” weekend. He felt that the weekend could be a pre-cursor to the setting up of an Evangelisation Strategy Team.

1. The weekend would take place sometime in June and would be led by a team of 5/6 people.
2.The team would return 3/4 weeks later to speak to parishioners on a one to one basis to those individuals who wished to do so.
3.Discussion groups would be held, led by willing parishioners who would have received relevant training.

Action Plan

In order for the above to take place, a minimum of 30 parishioners would be required to commit to participating in the weekend.
Deacon Mark will make enquiries as to the possibility of someone from the team coming to Guernsey one weekend to speak at all the masses/or prepare a visual presentation prior to having a “taster” evening, maybe on the Monday. Following the evening presentation, interested parishioners would be requested to sign up for participation in “The Called and Gifted” weekend.

Deacon Mark will also make a request for that person to speak to members of the Pastoral Council about the way forward for the formation of an Evangelisation Strategy Team, possibly following the 10.30 Sunday mass.

A short discussion was held on possible suitable candidates for the future Evangelisation Team.

5. Correspondence

An email from Yvonne Priaulx was discussed regarding collecting boxes for Mary’s Meals.
Paula will contact the relevant people and request approx. 600 boxes.

A letter from Angela Le Page was received giving details of a very successful fund raising year for CAFOD and asking which charity would be sponsored for parish Lenten Alms in 2016. It was confirmed by Pastoral Council members that Mary’s Meals would continue to be supported until Easter, as was decided by the Pastoral Council last year.
A letter to this effect will be sent to Angela.


Deacon Mark said he had been approached by some parishioners expressing a wish to make a trip to The Door of Mercy.
Canon Michael said that there is one in Portsmouth – Mother Church, and one in Abbingdon – Patron Saint of the diocese.
Deacon Mark suggested the possibility of a short homily to inform parishioners about the Year of Mercy which ends in December 2016.

Deacon Mark said that Ryan Dekker wished to stand down from the Pastoral Council as of now.
A letter of thanks for his participation will be sent to Ryan.

6. The date of the next meeting will be Tuesday 2nd February and the prayers will be led by Owen Lee.
The meeting closed at 7.30pm.