Retiring Collection – WINGS

The Retiring Collection next weekend is for WINGS.

Thanks to the generosity of the Catholic community in the year from September 2014 to August 2015, WINGS has been able to give the following support to the poorest in our world:

SPICMA for flood relief in India & Pakistan £522.

Don Bosco Missions in Liberia (Ebola Crisis) £100.

Daughters of Jerusalem Children’s Home in Bethlehem £100.

Cafod Nepal Earthquake Appeal £732

More recently £2009 was sent to Cafod for the work of Caritas Internationalist in the Syrian refugee camps of Jordan and Lebanon. Of this, over £1000 was raised by Dr Nick Paluch who completed 125Km of the Camino de Santiago and was sponsored by his family, friends, colleagues and patients. He said “Walking at times in  driving wind and rain made him realize how extremely difficult life must be for all the families fleeing the war in Syria” So to all who have supported Wings over the years, many, many thanks-your continued prayers and support are invaluable.




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