Mary’s Meals – Thank You

Gloria Dekker would like to say thank you to everyone that contributed for the Mary’s Meals fundraiser held on 17th October: the volunteers that donated & cooked food; the volunteers that helped on the night; everyone that donated raffle prizes and to all of you that came and enjoyed the evening and helped to raise funds for this very worthy charity.

Thank you also to Tim Olsen for coming down from Manchester for the weekend & speaking on behalf of Mary’s Meals.

Break down of this fundraiser is as follows:

Ticket sales – £1,556; Raffle – £560

Donations – £1,175;   Total –  £3,291.

With the UK Government doubling up everything raised for Mary’s Meals at the moment, and thanks to your generosity, we have guaranteed that another 501 children will receive a daily meal at school during the next 12 months.

And a big thank you to Gloria for conceiving the idea of the fundraiser and organising a very successful evening once again. Canon Michael


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