GPC Meeting Minutes – 08th September 2015

Guernsey Pastoral Council
Minutes of the meeting held on 8th September 2015 at 6pm
Present: Canon Michael, Father Paul, Paula Brierley, Deacon Mark, Owen Lee, Paul Burnard, Pat Devenport.
1. The meeting opened with a prayer led by Owen Lee.
2. Apologies for absence – Ryan Dekker.
3. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.
4. Correspondence-None
5.Matters arising/Action plans:
Canon Michael had requested that all GPC members study the “working plan ” of a parish in preparation for the September meeting. This was discussed at some length. As a directive from the bishop, an Evangelisation Team should be in operation in the parish. Questions were asked as to what/who is needed to establish this team and what exactly their role would be. Deacon Mark agreed to approach the diocese to find out if there is a template available to use as a guide for compiling our own parish working plan.
6. Youth News:
Paul has been in communication with Tom Saddington re Youth. Youth Sunday is due to take place in November, ending with a mass at Blanchelande. Tom would like to organise a Youth Mass on a monthly basis at 6pm with the young people taking responsibility for the music, readings etc.
7. Confirmation Programme:
There is a very large number of candidates for Confirmation, requiring additional group leaders. Letters have been sent to parents of Confirmation
candidates laying down guidelines for behaviour etc as there have been some problems in the past. A meeting date will be given to parents. A retreat
leader/speaker will be brought over.
8. A.O.B.
a) Christmas mass at 5pm. Deacon Mark asked Canon Michael’s permission to organise the mass and the people to be involved.
b) Called and Gifted Programme:
This is a programme intended for personal development in enabling people to discover/use their God given spiritual talents. This would take place on a Friday evening and Saturday daytime sometime in 2016. Deacon Mark would make enquiries from the diocese as to the availability of a course leader.
c) Pat Devenport made a suggestion that as a follow on from Living Our Faith, a parishioner could speak one week at the Saturday/Sunday masses to promote the request for people to commit to regular contributions. At the same time, outlining the work that has already been carried out thanks to the Living Our Faith project and to inform parishioners of future work/maintenance/ expenses etc.
9. The date of the next meeting will be Tuesday 6th October 2015 and the prayer will be led by Ryan Dekker.
The meeting closed at 7.35pm