GPC Meeting Minutes – 05th May 2015

Minutes of the meeting held on 5th May 2015 at 6.00pm
Present: Canon Michael, Paula Brierley, Helen Foxen, Deacon Mark and Father Paul.
1. The meeting opened with a prayer led by Helen Foxen.
2. Apologies for absence were received from Ryan Dekker and Paul Burnard.
3. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved
4. Matters Arising / Action plans :
All action plans had been carried out.
With regard to Mary’s Meals, Paula has contacted their main office again to request details of how to transfer funds raised. She was told that they do
not provide paying in slips but will forward details each time monies need to be transferred. They do provide information packs but these are very costly to courier to Guernsey. Council discussed how these could be brought to the island as they contain not just information but also collection boxes which will be needed at some time in the future. Canon Michael observed that collection and delivery of these would require someone who is travelling to or from Scotland this summer using their car.
Action plan: Paula will contact them again and feedback at the next meeting.
Deacon Mark told council that he had been in contact with the Mission Team but that there is a problem with the dates that they can come over
to the island as the only weekend available to them is one in which the UCM has already booked the hall. This is the second weekend in Advent.
Action plan: Paula will speak to the UCM about the possibility of rescheduling their event.
5. Correspondence and Communications
There were three items of correspondence
An email from Ryan giving his apologies as he is off island and updating information regarding the Parish Supper for Mary’s Meals. This is going
well and there are only a few tickets left to sell. Some people who are not able to attend the event have made donations instead.
An e mail from Paul- again with apologies as he also is off island. He has four collectors for Christian Aid house collections. He also mentioned the Spirit on the Rock meeting in Jersey (See item 6)
An e mail had been received by the Parish Office regarding the ordination of John Paul Lyttle. This will take place on the evening of Friday 3rd July
this year. He would like to come over to Guernsey soon afterwards and Council discussed an appropriate way of celebrating this event within the
parish. It was felt that a designated Mass would be fitting, followed by a finger buffet in the hall. Parishioners would be asked to bring along some
food to share as has been done in the past. This could possibly take place on Sunday 5th July.
Action plan: A notice would be placed in The Link to inform parishioners of the date time and place of John Paul’s ordination so that anyone who wishes to attend can make arrangements. Further details of the parish celebration will be discussed next month.
6. Youth News
There is a proposed date for a Youth Mass which is 28th June at 6.30pm in St Joseph’s. There are 57 candidates for Confirmation this year. 27 young people attended and enjoyed a lively program of events at Spirit on the Rock in Jersey. Paula asked if the organisers could reconsider one thing for
any future similar events i.e. in accommodation used, washing facilities for the weekend were very basic and included no showers. She felt that this should be re thought. Younger Cygnet’s are using the 3:1 Faith development program.
7. AOB
Canon Michael thanked Deacon Mark for all that he did during Canon’s illness and absence.
The secretary, Helen Foxen informed council that she will complete her time as a member of the GPC in July of this year.
There being no other business, the meeting finished at 7.30pm