GPC Meeting Minutes – 07th April 2015

Minutes of the meeting held on 7th April 2015 at 6.00pm
Present: Father Paul,Paula Brierley, Helen Foxen, Paul Burnard, Ryan Dekker and Owen Lee.
1. The meeting opened with a prayer led by Paul.
2. Apologies for absence were received from Canon Michael and Deacon Mark.
3. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved
4. Matters Arising / Action plans :
– Father Paul asked for a vote of thanks for Canon Hetherington’s efforts in supporting Parish services during Canon Michael’s illness and recuperation. The GPC was pleased to do this.
Action plan: Helen will send a letter of thanks on behalf of the GPC to Canon Hetherington.
– Typing up details of where necessary items for Masses are kept in the sacristies of our various churches and heating and lighting information, is almost complete.
– Deacon Mark will feedback next month re the possibility of a short visit from one of the Mission team, during Advent this year.
5. Correspondence and Communications
There was only one item of correspondence. This was from a parishioner re fundraising for Mary’s meals (see item 6) and asking council’s views on
twinning a Rumanian parish with a British one.
Action plan: Paul will ask the parishioner for more details of what exactly this would entail.
6. Fundraising for Mary’s Meals
– The Parish Supper fundraiser is set to go ahead and a meeting of those interested in helping has been arranged.
– Unfortunately no information pack has as yet been received from the charity.
– Paul has been contacted by the parishioner who has an apartment in Transylvania and he has told Paul that whilst he is still quite willing to offer his
apartment as a possible raffle prize, the apartment will not be available until August as it will be occupied till then.
– Paula had been in contact with Mary’s Meals re how best to transfer monies raised by activities.
Action plan:
Paula will get back to the management staff of Mary’s Meals to request again a set of paying in slips as this was felt, after discussion, to be the best way Also the charity will be asked to keep a record of the amount paid in and date of payment.
7. Youth News
– Father PJ, the Diocesan Youth Ministry Coordinator met with Deacon Mark, Paul Burnard and Tom Saddington whilst he was over recently. Roles and responsibilities had been clarified.
– The Confirmation catechists had met together on 25th March at the 10.30 Mass in St Joseph’s. A pre confirmation retreat in Jersey has been organised by Tom. There will be a meeting of candidates’ parents soon. They will be asked to be more active in participation and presence e.g. by joining candidates for prayer and adoration There will be a formal enrolment of candidates on Sunday 17th May. The council discussed the idea of a youth orientated Mass to encourage more attendance of young people. It was not felt that this mass if organised, should or even could be solely exclusive to young people.
7. AOB
This year Christian Aid week is May 10th – 16th. Paul will put a notice in the Link to ask for volunteers to distribute and collect envelopes for Christian Aid.
9. The date of the next meeting will be Tuesday May 5thth at 6pm. The prayer will be led by Helen Foxen.
10. There being no other business the meeting closed with a prayer led by Paul at 7.20pm