GPC Meeting Minutes – 10th March 2015

Minutes of the meeting held on 10th March 2015 at 6.00pm
Present: Father Paul, Deacon Mark, Paula Brierley, Helen Foxen, Paul Burnard and Owen Lee.
1. The meeting opened with a prayer led by Owen.
2. Apologies for absence were received from Canon Michael and Ryan Dekker.
3. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved
4. Matters Arising / Action plans:
– Typing up details of where necessary items for Masses are kept in the sacristies of our various churches and heating and lighting information, is currently in hand.
– Paul will speak to the parishioner about the possibility of offering a stay in his apartment in Transylvania as a raffle prize to raise funds for Mary’s Meals.
– The mission had gone very well and the feedback from parishioners has been very positive. Deacon Mark has already written to the team to thank them. He suggested that a follow up visit from the mission team, at the start Advent – if possible – would be a good idea. The GPC agreed.
Action plan: Deacon Mark, will contact the priests to request this.
5. Correspondence and Communications
There were four items of correspondence.
– A cheque from the UCM for Mary’s Meals.
– A letter thanking Deacon Mark for all his efforts before and during the Mission.
– An e mail from Ryan Dekker telling GPC that a date will soon be organised for a meeting of people who would be willing to support the Parish supper on 16th May by cooking/ baking etc. This date will be put in The Link.
– A letter from a parishioner asking that support for the work of Cafod will be continued even whilst fundraising for Mary’s Meals.
6. Fundraising for Mary’s Meals
The Council discussed the best method of depositing and transferring money raised for Mary’s Meals.
Action Plan: Paula will contact Mary’ Meals Office to request paying in slips and an account will be set up. Fundraisers can then pay directly into this.
7. Youth News
Father PJ, the Diocesan Youth Ministry Coordinator will meet with Mark and Paul then Tom next week.
8. AOB
– GPC discussed at some length the group known as The Bible Society as a parishioner had asked Paula if there was an island coordinator. There is the
possibility that someone in the parish would want to be considered for this role. More information about this group will be sought and discussion will continue next month.
9. The date of the next meeting will be Tuesday April 7th at 6pm. The prayer will be led by Paul Burnard.
10. There being no other business the meeting closed with a prayer led by Owen at 7.25pm