GPC Meeting Minutes – 6th January 2015

Minutes of the meeting held on 6th January 2015 at 6.00pm
Present: Father Paul, Deacon Mark, Paula Brierley, Paul Burnard, HelenFoxen and Ryan Dekker
1. The meeting opened with a prayer led by Ryan.
2. Apologies for absence were received from Canon Michael and Owen Lee.
3. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved
4. Matters Arising / Action plans :
All action plans had been carried out.
– The Coming Home for Christmas posters had been widely displayed throughout the island. The article in The Guernsey Press was very good although it was felt to be a pity that a picture of the poster could not have accompanied the article.
5. Correspondence and Communications
There were 11 items of correspondence.
– Three emails re Coming Home for Christmas posters – from printers and Helen re collection and from the Parish Office re delivery and from Paula
regarding contacting Martin Tolcher about the Guernsey Press article
– An e mail from Owen about the 5pm Christmas Eve Vigil Mass at St Joseph’s. This was very well attended and appreciated by parishioners
although Owen pointed out that more help will be needed for this event in the future.
– Three e mails from parishioners were received praising the Christmas services and the part played in these by our clergy.
– A phone call from Sharon Westby re The Medaille Trust had been received by the secretary. (See Agenda Item 7)
– A set of four e mails have been received regarding Mary’s Meals (See Agenda Item 6 for further details).
6. Fundraising for Mary’s Meals
A parishioner, who has seen at first hand the work of this charity in Romania, has expressed an interest in supporting fundraising for Mary’s
Meals and is offering parishioners who wish to see the projects in Romania and perhaps have a short holiday Transylvania, the chance to use his
apartment in Cluj – Napoca free of charge – but with a donation to Mary’s Meals.
Another e mail from a parishioner re fundraising for Mary’s Meals suggested that as collection boxes for charitable donations are distributed
during Lent, this year’s fundraising activity could be for Mary’s Meals. A third e mail was received asking for consideration of the idea that a general
email to all Parish Groups could be sent, inviting participation in support of this charity by organising a fundraising activity/event over the year.
Ryan and Gloria Dekker would like to organise a parish supper. Tickets would be sold and profits donated to Mary’s Meals. A date will soon be set and
information given out to parish through Link.
Action plans:
Paul will speak to the parishioner who has offered his apartment in Transylvania re possibly putting the offer in the Link or offering as a raffle
He will also speak to Peter Keeling who will be President of The Catenian Association next year re possible donation.
Paula will make a flyer for the parish giving more information about the charity and speak to the Catholic schools about a possible donation.
7. Medaille Trust
Helen had spoken with Sharon Westby but as it was over the holiday period, she has promised to get back to her in the coming weeks.
8. Youth News
Paul Burnard will meet with the Youth ministry Co- ordinator later this month and report back at next meeting.
The Confirmation date has been changed. The new programme begins just after Easter ( 30th April) and Confirmations will take place sometime in 2015.
9. Parish Mission Update
Father Kieran will be on island from 28th January till Monday 2nd February. He has a packed schedule of meetings.
Further details will be given at next month’s meeting.
10. AOB
– The dates for GPC meetings 2015 were discussed.
Helen will check with the Parish Office re changing the March meeting as it clashes with the mission.
– Mark agreed with Owen that whilst attendance at the 5pm Christmas Vigil Mass at St Joseph’s was excellent more help will be needed in the future
for the various tasks that are required.
10. The next meeting will be held on February 3rd at 6pm in the Parish Rooms and the prayer will be led by Paula.
11. There being no other business the meeting closed with a prayer led by Ryan at 8pm.